I offer commissions! On this page you can find my price sheet, Terms of Service, and the best ways to contact me! :]

For examples of my work, you can see my art page along with my FurAffinity for some more risque art (will need an account to see all that though)

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently experimenting with my line work style so it is quite inconsistent at the moment. If you have a particular style of line work you're a fan of, please let me know and I can do it! Otherwise I may use your commission to experiment further.

Also, I currently don't offer shading on my price sheet since it is not something I practice that often, but if it is something you would like let me know and we can work something out.

Terms Of Service:

I like to work closely with my commissioners and provide a LOT of WIPs while working. I would prefer a contact method that you check regularly so I can get your art done ASAP. If you prefer a more "hands off" way of doing commissions (you send me the money and concept, I send you the art when complete) I can accommodate that, though be aware that the above TOS still applies (specifically no major changes nor refunds available once complete).

Sold on all that? Perfect! Here is where you can contact me:

Discord: OneMillionFurries#6700 (Most preferred!)

Telegram: OneMillionFurries

FA Notes: OneMillionFurries

Email: OneMillionFurries@proton.me (Least preferred!)