My Cat, Opie!

[A transparent image of Opie with her front paws crossed and looking up at the camera.]

This is a webpage/shrine dedicated to my beloved cat, Opie! She is the absolute light of my life, the apple of my eye, and I would do anything for her!

Basic Info:

Name: Opie
Gender: Girl
Age: 10+
Fur Color: All black

[A gif of a black cat standing on its back paws and facing right. Its tail moves.]It was 2014. Cats have been a life-long obsession of mine, and it had been years since I've last had a pet cat. My mom knew this, and so as a christmas gift that year she surprised me with a gorgeous black cat with beautiful yellow eyes. She was 2 years old when she got to me, obtained off of someone on Kijiji and already had her name. I had tried renaming her in the past, but nothing stuck.

I had never had a cat that stuck around. We always either gave them away, or they passed on far too young (keep your cats indoors, people!) Not Opie though. Opie has stuck with me through ups and downs for nearly 10 long years, and I am hoping we can make that another 10+!

Whenever I am laying down, no matter where, Opie will come up to me and insist that she lays in my arms! She loves to cuddle, and loves getting belly rubs. Quite strange for a cat![A gif of a blinking cartoon black cat]

Fun Facts About Opie!

[A running black cat divider]


[Opie laying in bed, staring at the camera. Her body is round.]
A bit of a blob!

[Opie sitting on a couch, looking to the left.]
Chilling with me, watching some movies.

[Opie sitting in bed with a halloween-themed surgical suit on.]
Opie in her jammies!

[Opie laying on her back, belly exposed.]
Belly rubs, please!

[Opie loafing on a pillow, her body turned to the side while she looks up at the camera. Her eyes are shining.]
Look at those beautiful eyes!

[An extreme close-up of Opie's face.]
What a beautiful face! <3

[A gif of a cat typing on a keyboard with the caption 'Will you help me write Oprah? My emails all look like this: jlj io jkp; sfsdf nmer']