A pixel of hypno the pokemon peaking its head into frame and holding up its pendulum.A pixel of dragonite on a sparkly green background.A pixel of lugia on a blue lightning background.A pixel of an evil pokemon professor flanked by a gengar and a grimer on either side.

A drawing of a caterpie plushie in golden colors.A drawing of a dragonite plushie.A drawing of a mewtwo plushie.A drawing of a pink lugia plushie.

A pixel art animation of an eye ball that grows wings, flies for a moment, then falls back down and loses its wings. it has a red eye.A pixel drawing of a purple cat-bat that flicks its tail up and down.A pixel of Dr. Faust from Guilty Gear. He is a slender man in a lab coat with a paper bag over his head and a giant scalpel in his hand.