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I am a Charizard!

Hello Test Subje-- I mean Esteemed Guest # web counter And welcome to my laboratory!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dr. Luvstruk (JIC the giant blinking sign didn't give it away), a purple tiger-cat living in Canada!
Here you can find scientific diagrams, peer reviews, and... uh... whatever else I end up adding here.
Please forgive the barren facility, the mind control machine construction bots have yet to be completed.

In the meantime, my I introduce you to Dr. Wiggleton, my wonderful lab assistant?

Meet 'Dr. Wiggleton'
my adopted

Lab Assistant!

Ohh just look at him go! Isn't he charming?

If you wish to contact me directly, email me at onemillionfurries@gmail.com

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