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Joined a Neopets clonesite called Grundo's Cafe that lets you do custom overlays for your pets, so the beginning of this year contains some of that!

A drawing of an Eevee oc. His fur is predominantly black, with bright green and red accents. He has a set of wings with bright green tips and a pair of green swirly goggles. His information is listed as 'Dot Com, Eevee, male', followed by close-ups of his mouth, paw pads, and goggles. An original overlay for a neopet. The pet in question has grey fur, pointy ears, and big feet. It is holding a bolt in its hand and wears a pair of round glasses and a vest with an ascot. It has long black hair with white streaks, and big bushy sideburns. It is scowling at the right side of the camera. An original overlay for a neopet. The pet has green fur, a long tail, and pointy down-turned ears. It is wearing a pair of square glasses, a button-down shirt, and a tie, and is holding a syringe full of glowing green liquid, like Herbert West from Re-Animator. There is a little tuft of black fur on its head and it is frowning to the left of the camera.


This year conains a lot of Identity V bc thats what my dumbfuck brain decided to focus on I guess. Also a lot of style experimentation.

A drawing of a fluffy black and purple wolf-like creature holding a giant multicolored pearl. It has a purple halo and red tips on its nails, ears, and tail. The fur is mostly black with some small purple markings and accents. It is smiling with half-lidded eyes at its pearl. A fullbody drawing of a rubber hose style anthro dog with big elbowed ears and a large tail. It is drawn in black and white, and is wearing a light blue coat with a black bow tie. It holds a microphone and has a speech bubble that reads 'Don't Touch That Dial!' A reference sheet for the webmaster's fursona, Dr. Luvstruck. He is a purple anthro tiger-cat with long white hair tied into a ponytail. His belly is white and his stripes are dark purple, while the rest of his body is a lighter purple. He wears a pair of heart shaped goggles and is heavy set with a slight pear shape. A drawing in red and gold of a person wearing a king's robe and crown, covered in tarnish marks around their face and hands. They are holding their heads to the sides of their head, pointing to the crown with a crazed expression. Sun rays surround their head like a halo. A headshot drawing of an older, slightly tan person with sunken blue eyes. They are wearing glasses and have their messy dark blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Their hair is curly and has grey streaks. A drawing on a dark cyan and white background of a Minecraft OC. They are a slender person with grey hair, yellow skin, and a pair of yellow wings. They are wearing a black and gold robe and are holding their left hand out. A drawing of a light-skinned person whose body is stylized like an art posing doll. They have light grey hair and mettalic eyelids. They are holding one hand up to their forehead, with the other at their side. They are not wearing clothes, so it is easier to see the ball-joints of their body. A drawing of a marble-like headshot on a desaturated red background. The subject has mid-length wavy hair and has a contempt expression on their face. The headshot is rendered semi-realistically, as if it were a piece of glossy marble or stone. A symmetrical line drawing of a naga character. They have their arms outstretched at either side and are smiling with half-lidded eyes, while their tail curls around them. They have mid-length hair that curls up at the end into a bob and are wearing various necklaces. Their tail is black, but the scales are highlighted in yellow. The background is a square of that same yellow surrounded by a black border. There is a white sun ray halow surrounding the naga's head. A bust drawing of an anthro lion character. They have a brown mullet, a mustache, and a goatee. They have a scar over one eye and are holding up a compass with a smug expression. They are wearing a red pirate's outfit with a popped collar. A headshot drawing of Dr. Luvstruck, the webmaster's fursona, snarling at a nearly head-on angle. He is a purple tiger-cat with flowy white hair and white heart markings on his dark purple ears. A digital study of a black rubber glove on a white background. The glove is rendered realistically and is side-by side with the reference image, which is nearly identical. A digital study of a shiny black shoe on a white background. The shoe is rendered realistically side-by-side with the reference image, which is nearly identical.