Blinkie: the lip bite graphic from Rocky Horror with the words 'I see you shiver with antici...'Blinkie: 'Mad Scientist' with a figure with swirly blue eyes on the right.Blinkie: 'Queer villain pride' on top of the queer villain pride flag (purple, pink, organge, and green striped lightning bolt on a black background.)Blinkie: 'Re-Animator' in glowing green text.Blinkie: 'cat dead, details later' with a heartbeat graphicBlinkie: 'Love, Me Normally' flanked by two roses.Blinkie: 'Da Blinkie?!' with the Voros twinsBlinkie: 'therapy is expensive, bubble wrap is for free' on a blue backgrond.Blinkie: 'bitten by the blinkie bug' on a purple backgroundBlinkie: 'I Glow in the dark'. The word Glow is glowing.Blinkie: Rarity from My Little Pony that says 'my three girlfriends, and yes, they smoke weed'Blinkie: The word 'Science!' bordered by two green flasks.Blinkie: 'Best viewed on desktop' with purple text and a black backgroundBlinkie: a picture of a worm beanie baby that says 'Oh Worm'Blinkie: a picture of a snake that says 'Snake Lover'A repeat of the first blinkie, except it instead says '...pation'

Graphic: Pikachu with a jackhammer that says 'Under Construction'

Hello Test Subje-- I mean Esteemed Guest # web counter And welcome to my laboratory!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dr. Luvstruk (JIC the giant blinking sign didn't give it away), a purple tiger-cat living in Canada!
Here you can find scientific diagrams, peer reviews, and... uh... whatever else I end up adding here.
Please forgive the barren facility, the mind control machine construction bots have yet to be completed.

In the meantime, my I introduce you to Dr. Wiggleton, my wonderful lab assistant?

An ms paint graphic of a single sea monkey floating around in a red tank.

Meet 'Dr. Wiggleton'
my adopted

Lab Assistant!

Ohh just look at him go! Isn't he charming? A smiling purple heart.

If you wish to contact me directly, email me at

Button: a green-haired anthro panda that says 'Web 14'. Button: 'Ditch social media NOW!' with various social media logos being crossed out. Button: 'Autism Acceptance NOW!' accompanied by the rainbow infinity symbol. Button: 'A.C.A.B.' in flashing yellow and magenta Button: 'Best viewed with a computer' Button: 'Catscape Meow! 2.0'. There is a picture of a white cat in a meteor shower on the left. Button: 'Defund Police NOW' Button: 'Don't Starve' with a graphic of Wilson from Don't Starve. Button: 'Parental Advisory Explicit Content' Button: 'Emulate now!' Button: The furby logo with a picture of a furby. Button: 'Bring back Flipnote!' with the flipnote frog. Button: A skull on a flaming background. Button: 'gba now!' with a pixel of a gameboy advance. Button: 'I heart Leafeon' with a pixel of Leafeon's head. Button: 'I heart Mettaton', except the heart is upside down and the word mettaton is symbolized by Mettaton's in-game head sprite. Button: 'Jartopia' with a picture of a daphnia, a tiny round aquatic invertebrate. Button: Spamtom on a pink and yellow alternating background with the words kromer and dollar symbols. Button: The Minecraft logo. Button: 'This machine kills Fascists.' Button: NFT spelled out as 'No Fucking Thanks!' with a smiley bonking a bored ape on the head with a hammer. Button: 'I miss using Pictochat'. Button: The Sonic Adventure 2 logo. Button: 'Tired AF of: paywalls, advertisements, notifications, marketing emails, followers, likes, influencers, artificial scarcity, parasocial interaction.' Button:'Made with my own two paws.' Button: 'Trans Rights Now!' with a picture of the trans flag. Button: 'Trans your gender' in pink, blue, and white. Button: 'Say no to Web 3 keep the web free' Button: The Wii logo and a picture of the wii. Button: The Windows XP logo. Button: 'Y2K' in a rainbow gradient. Button: A happy furret flicking it's tail. Stamp: An assortment of colorful dinosaurs over an 80s-style geometric background. Stamp: 'I heart biology' with a graphic of cells on the left and a frog on the right. Stamp: 'I heart Palentology' with a line of fossils on the bottom. Stamp: A silhouette of a man stroking his mustache that says '' Stamp: 'Autism speaks is a scam and a hate group' with crossed out blue puzzle piece. Stamp: 'I am delicate' with a picture of a sad cat meme. Stamp: A drawing of a pink and a green dinosaur with heart speech bubbles at each other. Stamp: 'I heart furry art' with the face of a happy husky furry. Stamp: 'I love fursuits' with various pictures of fursuits crossfading into each other. Stamp: The words 'I wear glasses' on an orange background. Stamp: 'This stamp glows in the dark' with green text and a black background. The word 'glows' is written in big pulsing letters. Stamp: Various pictures of Guy Fieri crossfading into each other. The word 'Bitch' appears in magenta cursive at one point. Stamp: 'I heart men' animated with various powerpoint transitions. 'Is it Halloween yet?' in a creepy font on an orange background. Stamp: 'I'm fucking gay' on top of a trans flag. Stamp: 'I support.. um...Me' on a purple background. Stamp: 'Joltik' with a picture of a Joltik from the Pokemon anime. Stamp: The 'I'm a kitty cat and I dance dance dance' video turned into a stamp. Stamp: 'I support Latias going NUTS!' on a blue background with derp-style Latiases dancing in the corner. Stamp: A rat at a rainbow keyboard from the neil banging out the tunes meme. Stamp: The OFF box art and logo. Stamp: 'Elsen' accompanied by a sprite of an Elsen from OFF. Stamp: 'Queer Villain' on top of the queer villain pride flag, a pink, purple, orange, and green lightning bolt on a black background. Stamp: A gif from Scar's villain song in The Lion King. Stamp: 'I fall in love with fictional characters' on a maroon background. Stamp: The Spore logo. Stamp: 'This stamp is all wiggly' on a green background. The stamp's shape has been warped to be all wiggly. Stamp: 'I heart suits' with a picture of a black and white suit. Stamp: 'I like teeth' with a drawing of a toothy mouth. Stamp: The original drawing of the TBH, a simple four-legged creature with big eyes and a blank expression, with a rainbow border. Stamp: Luigi's face from the 90s Mario cartoon edited on top of three dancing people. Stamp: 'Oh, worm?' accompanied by a pixel of a wiggling worm. Stamp: A cat with its mouth agape that says 'WTF?' Stamp: 'Like the legend of the penis' on a bright magenta background with a bright green border. Stamp: '69 buried, 0 found' with a transparent gif of Jerma985 breakdancing. Stamp: 'Gamer gender' with a picture of Pendish the cat on a flame background.